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*Knowing God: J.I. Packer
*Taking God at His Word: Kevin DeYoung
*The Deep Things of God: Fred Sanders
*The Holiness of God: R.C. Sproul

*The Pleasures of God: John Piper

Spiritual Discipline
*Creature of the Word: Chandler, Patterson, Geiger
*Desiring God: John Piper
*Humility & Absolute Surrender: Andrew Murray
*Ordering Your Private World: Gordon Macdonald
*Practicing His Presence: Brother Lawrence
*Spiritual Disciplines: Donald Whitney
*The Pursuit of God: A.W. Tozer
*The Pursuit of Holiness: Jerry Bridges
*The Roots of the Righteous: A.W. Tozer
*Think: John Piper 
*The Hole in Our Holiness: Kevin Deyoung 
*When I don’t Desire God: John Piper
Missions and Evangelism 
*A Wind in the House of Islam: David Garrison
*As You Go: Alvin L. Reid
*Called for Life: Kent & Amber Brantly
*Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God: J.I. Packer
*Kingdom Beyond Borders: Helena Smrcek
*Kisses from Katie: Katie Davis
*Let the Nations be Glad: John Piper
*Ministering Cross-Culturally: Sherwood G. Lingenfelter
*Operation World: Jason Mandryk
*Ordinary: Tony Merida
*Prayerwalking: Praying Onsite with Insight: Steve Hawthorn
*Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration & Mission: J. D. Payne
*The Art of Personal Evangelism: Will McRaney Jr.
*The Autobiography of George Muller:
*The Missionary Call: David Sills
*Transforming Culture: Sherwood Lingenfelter
*Revolution in World Missions: K.P. Yahnnan
*When Helping Hurts: Steven Corbett
*A Cross Shaped Gospel: Bryan Loritts
*Basic Christianity: John Stott
*Don’t Waste your Life: John Piper
*Getting the Gospel Right: R.C. Sproul
*God is the Gospel: John Piper
*Radical: David Platt
*The Cross of Christ: John Stott
*The Purpose of Man: A.W. Tozer
*Why One Way?: John MacArthur
*Church Discipline: Johnathan Leeman
*Gospel-Centered Teaching: Treven Wax
*I am a Church Member: Thom Rainer
*I will: Thom Rainer
*Killing the Church: Jeff Parker
*Nine Marks of a Healthy Church: Mark Dever
*Simple Church: Thom Rainer an Eric Geiger *Teaching to Change Lives: Howard Hendricks
*The Family Friendly Church: Ben Freudenburg
*The Seven Laws of Teaching: John Gregory
*Transformational Church: Stetzer and Rainer
*What is a Healthy Church: Mark Dever
*Christ Centered Preaching: Bryan Chapell
*Grasping God’s Word: Scott Duvall
*Christ Centered Preaching: Bryan Chapell
*Power in the Pulpit: Jim Shaddix
* Preaching: John Macarthur 
* Preaching and Preachers: D. Martyn Loyd Jones
* Preach: Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert 
* Spirit Empowered Preaching: Arturo G. Azurdia III
* The Supremacy of God in Preaching: John Piper
*Boundaries: Henery Cloud & John Townsend
*Connecting Church & Home: Tim Kimmel
*Parenting Isn’t for Cowards: James Dobson
*Life on the Edge: James Dobson
*The DNA of D6: Ron Hunter Jr.
*Marriage and the Family: Andreas Kostenberger
*True Love Project: Clayton & Sharie King
*The Mingling of Souls: Matt Chandler
*You and Me Forever: Francis & Lisa Chan